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FA Drone is always focused on the movement of the cutting-edge technology into new generation which Internet is used for every things. Computer technology is descripted as the term information technology (IT). And then Computer technology is fused with the communications technology. All over the world, anytime, anywhere, the required information,it is possible to freely get as information communication network. Necessary matters has been advancing into the era (i.e. Ubiquitous era) that can be immediately processed. Asia including China and India, which is the majority of the population on Earth, in the past had been referred to as the manufacturing factory of the world. And now. And now, it is becoming into the big market as the huge market of the world. The production process had finished the stage of making by using domestic labor. The international division of labor (i.e. global coexistence) is commonplace now. The way of collecting the parts from all over the world and assembling those in the vicinity of the market has now become the common sense of the industry. We will support people who have needs in the world in order to build the business community that the better product or service is provided by using IT. We hope to support to make a better social environment by using the function of Internet which there is no boundary.

CEO Takeo Shimaji

Corporate Profile

Company Name FA Drone
Head Office 〒939-0134
161, Fukuokamachi-Kibune Takaoka, Toyama
TEL:+81-766-64-2816 (SmartPhone 090-2031-6045)
CEO Takeo Shimaji
Founded Date of the establishment 03-21-2017
Capital 1,000,000JPY
Business Department Software Development Department
IoT/M2MCloud Department
Drone Department
Business Item Software Development
  • IoT/M2M System Infrastructure
  • IoT/M2M Application Development
  • IoT/M2M Consalting for Business Structure