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About Software Development

Image of offshore development We will achieve the work for Software Development using Offshore fundamentally. We had made partnership with ISB Vietnam, which is domestic big enterprise of Vietnam, in order to realize the successful model for offshore development service. We will realize the offshore service using inexpensive resource of Vietnam, which is developing rapidly with the aim of IT Nation. We are involved in a variety of initiatives system construction and maintenance services, also from the development of global human resources until the proposal of the service delivery model. We will build a flexible development system on a project-by-project basis. We offer a high-quality system development in the global standard project management policy, advanced security environment.

Based on the rich experience of a Japanese company, we will put together a customer's system requirements and adjust the ISB Vietnam Company.

About the current state of offshore development

When performing the software developed using the low-labor-cost engineers, the development cost will decrease. However, in reality it does not seem to perform to the ideal as expected. Even if using the same man-hour for software development in the above-mentioned case, there is a case when these quality does not become better. Normally, when the order source is to entrust the software development to offshore development vendor, the order source creates a specification that wrote the development content. When we are entrusted to domestic vendors, "Japanese common sense" is available. Even if there is a unclear description and not enough description in the specification, development side will complement and modify these. When we are entrusted to oversea vendors, "Japanese common sense" is unavailable. And then, 'Bridge SE', which is a bridge between Japan and subcontractors, is essential in order to inform oversea vender the specification correctly.

Benefits of Vietnam offshore development

Chinese market has been the main offshore development. China attractive as a base for offshore development by the recent years of rising prices and political risk has decreased year by year. There is a problem in using offshore of India, which is largest country of IT, because a lot of Japanese staff must be stationed because there is different culture between Japan and India. Offshore development is cheap cost of Vietnam, it is easy to procure talented engineers by the reason of the IT education support with diligent nation and national education. Our effective structure (i.e. High-performance offshore development structure) is useful for IT investment because Japanese bridge-consultant and Vietnam's low-cost resource exerts an effect on overwhelming cost competitiveness.

Development Flow (Development procedure of ICONIX)

Development flow by ICONIX utilization


We will check the contents of the requirements received from Customer. During the meeting of the specification, our SE consultants attended, and the SE consultants will confirm accurately the needs of the Customers (e.g. development purposes).

Confirmation of the basic design document

We will summarize the requirements definition, which was confirmed from Customer, into the SRS (UML format requirements definition document) by Japanese and English. In addition, our SE consultants review them in order to verify the integrity of the specification.

Offshore Development

Offshore development companies will clearfy the necessary work items. Our SE consultants will confirm whether the work item is appropriate or not. In addition, Offshore development companies will clearfy the class by using Customer's request definition (use cases and use case descriptions). And then, the test specification that corresponds to the class design will be created. After the above-mentioned confirmation, Offshore development companies (i.e. System Development Officer (OPM)) will start the system development.

Collateral of quality

During development, we strictly check the validity of the system test. Specifically, we review the coverage of the system test scenarios. By performing carefully acceptance testing, we will improve the quality of deliverables and we will deliver the system to the Customer.

Delivery of goods

If there is a problem when confirming of field adjustment and specifications finally, we will make the corrective action immediately. After confirming that there are no problems, we will deliver system to Customer.